About Ciúnas Audio

Ciúnas Audio launched three lines of products since its inception (other products came before such as JKDAC, JKSPDIF). First was the line of non-isolated, battery powered DAC & USB-SPDIF converter. Building on this, USB isolation was added to give the ISO range of DAC & USB-SPDIF converter & USB hub - ISO-DAC, ISO-SPDIF & ISO-HUB (as well as ISO-PS). And now battery power has been replaced by supercapacitor power

A fundamental feature of the Ciunas line of products (Ciunas DAC & SPDIF) is the use of a very safe battery technology ( now using supercapacitor) that allows direct powering of digital circuits. This direct power (no voltage regulator on the output), delivers the lowest dynamic noise, most stable power to digital circuits resulting in reported listening impressions of stability & solidity to the soundstage. See reviews

Building on this ultra clean & stable power as the core, the next product line introduced isolated USB signalling - the ISO-HUB device seen in the picture right at top left is the core device. This is just like a normal USB hub except that the USB signals are isolated & cleansed / reformatted. Significant sonic improvements were reported when USB audio devices were connected using this HUB - for instance a USB DAC or USB to SPDIF converter connected through this HUB. One reviewer said "digital done right" - see reviews

You can connect any USB device to these ports just as if they were internal computer USB ports & use them like you would any other USB connected device - the only difference is that they are carrying isolated & cleansed USB signals.

The ISO-DAC & ISO-SPDIF add DAC or SPDIF converter functionality to this isolated HUB & take advantage of the internal isolated/cleansed USB signals. As can be seen in the picture stereo RCA outputs are included on the ISO-DAC & a BNC (or RCA) SPDIF output included on the ISO-SPDIF.