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T by email

 Oct, 2014

T By Email 2014

I hooked the Ciunas up, and have given it some early initial listening tests.  Wow, man... wow... you really have created something stellar here.  This trumps every other DAC I've ever had.  You may remember, I had gone through a few high-level DACs over the summer before decision to try yours... I bought them, tried them, and sold them all within a few weeks.  

Yours is the best of the whole lot... and I will not be parting with it any time soon... in fact I may be keeping this until you release a successor of some kind.  I'm really impressed... I'm hearing ultra-precise soundstage depth and placement, incredibly defined details (sometimes it's almost startling), quick transients, and an overall very well balanced and coherent sound.  

One way I can tell this is ultra-precision is that the recording quality of the various albums in my library are all extremely apparent... more so than ever.  A newer digital recording is extremely tight and clear, while old recordings have a certain soft 'patina' over them that is immediately apparent.  Even my remastered high resolution version of Pink Floyd, while overall sounding excellent, still exudes evidence of older recording technology.  I made this same comparison on the other DACs that I recently owned, and none of them showed this distinction as blatantly as the Ciunas.  Really, really stellar man.