Firmware Reflashing

Amanero board reflashing

When a DAC is run off the charger, the internal power storage (battery or supercapacitor) will gradually lose power & eventually reach a voltage where the Amanero board falls below its minimum operational voltage. When this happens the consequences are undetermined. One consequence can be that the firmware on the on board CPLD & CPU chips can be reset.


A symptom of this may be that the DAC is playing *when looked at on the playback software) but no sound is heard.


The DAC owner can reflash this firmware as follows:

To open the case :

  • Unscrew the 4 screws on the switch end-panel.

  • Unscrew the top two screws on the other end-panel.

  • Gently pull the switch end-panel away slightly from the box just enough so that you can slide off the top aluminium plate.

  • with the top plate off, gently lift the end panel

To erase the firmware

- On ISO-DACs:

  • so you can access a white, 3 pin connector which already has a black or orange jumper between pins 2 & 3

  • You need to pull this black/orange jumper off these pins & slide over pins 1 & 2

  • Turn on the device for about 3-4 secs

  • Turn off device & reseat jumper between pins 2 & 3

  • turn on device again


On older Ciunas DACs:

  • In older DACs, there will be a wire unconnected to the Amanero board but not connected to anything 

  • This wire is used for firmware re-flashing by touching it to ~3.4V point inside the DAC

  • You may need to send me a picture to identify suitable point to touch

  • Connect for 1-2 seconds to this point while DAC is turned on

  • Flash is erased

  • Turn DAC off & on again


The DAC is shipped with the following:

- CPLD Firmware Selection = Slave2224

- CPU Firmware Selection = Firmware_1074 


Updating the Firmware:

- download the firmware update tool to a PC (that has the Amanero driver installed)

- unzip the downloaded zip file

- start the ConfigTool program  by double clicking on it

- Accept the default OEMID (combo384) by pressing OK


First Stage:

- In the CPLD Firmware Selection - use the setting slave2224

- With the converter/DAC turned on short that red wire to the spot circled in the picture, for a second or so

- Turn off & back on

- Click on the Flash CPLD button which should give you an updating progress bar - wait until finished

- Turn off & turn back on again for about 10 secs

- Turn off & back on again


Second Stage:

- In the CPU Firmware Selection - Change the setting to Firmware_1074 using the drop down list

- Click on Flash CPU button & wait for progress bar to finish

- Turn off & on again


Third stage:

- Select the tab at the top of the window "I2C Actions Setup"

- Tick on the box "Slave Mode (MCLK Input)" - Click "Write Flash" - a message in red should appear "Flash updated"

- Turn off