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  • Hi everyone, I have a Raspberry Pi with Allo Signature Transport. This device needs 2 source of power supplies. The “dirty power” needs 5V /2-3A (RPI power). The “clean side” needs about 100mA and accepts from 5V to 6V. I am looking at PS BYOB Dual voltage vs PS Dual Voltage. I don't know which one will provide better power quality. What I am looking for is the better Pace, Rhythm, and Timing in the music. Please advise. Thank you. Huy.
  • Hi John What are your thoughts on the latest renderers from Sonore and SoTM . The latest SoTM Ultra is a lot more expensive on the basis that the clocks are superior. Is it necessary to upgrade from the earlier model the SoTM SMS-200 if the Ciunas-Dac reclocks and cleans the signal ? Thanks in advance for your thoughts Tony
  • Hello there, I need some help/advice please. I'm a new convert to the ISO-DAC, having participated in the recent 'DAC-TOUR' on PFM, I was so impressed I bought one. I'm currently using foobar2000 from a windows 10 laptop to the ISO-DAC which then feeds my power amps directly. I don't have a pre-amp. This works, but I'm finding the volume control in Monkeymote (remote controller on an ipad) too small and want to switch software to something with a better remote-volume controller app. I recently tried out Audirvana+ for W10 (which ironically, doesn't have a remote app yet, but I might give remote desktop a try) but couldn't get it working properly (in fact I nearly blew my speaker drivers!). If I point Audirvana+ at the ASIO driver, the volume slide bar in Audirvana disappears and the volume get's set to max (or more likely it goes to 'line level' which is max output). I was wondering if anybody here is using Audirvana+ on W10 and could you please advise me on how I can control volume through this software? A supplementary question, the answer to which may also help me is: does anybody use HQplayer and how? Your help/pointers will be much appreciated. Thanks everyone.