Like I promised, here's a quick feedback of my experience with the DAC for the last month.


In short: it's a very very fine DAC that does nothing wrong sonically, which, in my book, is quite a feat!

It ticks all the boxes: easy to setup (USB input works flawlessly with EDO, which cannot be said for every USB DACs out there), small (though bigger than expected) and, more importantly, sounds really good!


The other DACs I've been comparing it to are the NFB-27, Eximus DP1 and (recently) the Chord QuteHD.

My music preference leans towards rock and its derivatives (classic rock, acoustics, blues, hard-rock), but not quite up to death metal. I also like vocals and OST (Thomas Newman, Eric Serra, ...) and some old pop.


Overall - and as a standalone USB DAC - I prefer it over the Eximus, which, for 1/5th of the price, is quite unexpected!

The bass response is much better on the Cinuas (as a result of less jitter?), the sound-stage is wider and the sound is more natural.

The sound is very transparent and has no hint of harshness/hardness and the usual nasty digital stuff.

Note that the Eximus itself is also very good in that, so are the Metrum DACs. It doesn't have the sweetness and lit-up presentation of the DP1 but, at the same time, it is more neutral.

Tonal richness is excellent in both cases.


- Clement via email