The base product - 5V (dual outputs at same voltage) - case dimensions 6.3 x 1.69 x 3.07" (160 x 43 x 78mm). Higher voltage outputs in development


Package includes a heavy gauge DC cable 2.1mm to 2.1mm barrel plugs. Package also includes a 5V 4/6Amp modified power supply which shunts leakage current noise to mains earth - this PS is the charging PS.


You only need to provide an 3 pin earthed mains cable specific to your country  - th esame lead as you use for a kettle.


The ISO-PS is a ultracapacitor power supply using Nesscap 350F ultracapacitors. These capacitors have an internal impedance of <3.2mohm delivering voltage outputs with continuous current output ratings of >2 Amps (but huge instantaneous current delivery headroom) hence the stability of the power supply when under dynamic load conditions.


The important feature in all these PS designs is that there is NO voltage regulator between the capacitors & the output - the current is delivered directly from the capacitors which makes a large difference to the sound when powering audio devices.

Supercapacitor Power Supply - dual 5V outputs

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  • Supplied in the package:

    - capacitor power supply